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Year 5 Home Learning

Welcome Year 5! You have worked so hard all year and we are really proud of the effort you have put in. So that you keep up the incredible things you have achieved so far, it is really important that you spend time every week day continuing with your work - that way you will really appreciate the weekends like before!

Below is home learning for week 2 in detail, but you mat also find this 'At A Glance' sheet helpful too: /docs/Year_5_At_A_Glance_Week_2.pptx

Completion date is Friday 3rd April (excluding European project - see details below)


The expectation is that you will be reading books of your choice on a daily basis and that this should still be recorded in your Reading Record. We look forward to seeing what books you have read and the words you have magpied.   

You also have daily reading comprehension questions to answer – this week they are based on the first 2 chapters of the book The Light Hunters by Dan Walker.  

A reading journal of activities is below for you to complete - one each day. You can either print out the activities or use them for inspiration. 

The chapters and activities can be found here: /docs/Year_5_Guided_Reading_week_2.docx


Just like in school, we would like you to look at spellings three times a week. We are going to give you some spelling words. In your neatest handwriting and spelling each your key words correctly, we would like you to write us a short story with any plot that you’d like.  

As we would like you to look at your spellings three times a week, we would like three chapters to your story. Don’t worry about getting all of your words in the first chapter, we would like them spread out! 

Your words are (whole class):  











Your words are (spelling group) 












To complete our explanation writing, we would like you to write an explanation text of your choice – this will require some research. 

Some title ideas are: 

Why We Have Seasons 

How My Dad Plasters Walls 

What Life Is Like For A Nurse 

How Cheese is Made 

You can however, write about whatever you want, so choose something that interests you!  

Remember, this is not instructions, it is an explanation. If you wrote about ‘How Footballs Are Made’, you would not write your text telling someone how they would do it, for example, ‘First, you need to get some leather material...’. They are instructions! An explanation simply explains something because people are interested; not because they necessarily want to do it themselves. For example, ‘Footballs are made from a material called leather...’. 


  • Double page spread 
  • A main heading 
  • Subheadings 
  • An introduction 
  • Pictures and colour 
  • Cohesion – your text all being relevant and flowing  
  • Fronted adverbials 
  • Relative clauses 
  • Parentheses 
  • Present tense 
  • Formal/informal tone – you get to choose based on the topic you write about.  

An example explanation text can be found here: /docs/



We are moving on to position and movement this week. 

Maths No Problem Textbook and Workbook pages are attached. They are labelled Lesson 1 to 5. The answers are also attached separately. Can you also complete the daily challenges? Remember, you must show your working and reasoning when problem solving. Mark your work with an adult. 

Maths for week 2 can her found here: /docs/Year_5_Maths_Week_2.docx

Answers: /docs/Y5_Maths_Week_2_Answers.docx

We would also like you to log on to Mathletics where your teachers will be setting you tasks and activities to do. 


For science this week, we would like you to research how humans change and develop through their lifetime. These links may help you: 

We would like you to complete a timeline of the different stages of development in humans, from being a foetus, to birth, and through to old age.  

Think about how humans develop physically and mentally, as well as the types of activities humans can normally perform independently at each stage. Consider your own experiences of life so far, as well as those of your parents and carers and grandparents!  

Your timeline can be created through drawing, taking photos of yourself and family members doing different tasks, or using any other resources you have at home! Be creative 😊 


Key Stage 2 –Europe Project. This is an ongoing project that should be added to each week: /docs/Year_5_European_Project_KS2.docx


There are lots of websites and Youtube channels which will give you fun ideas and activities to stay fit and healthy over this period. We have recommended a few below:  

  • 5 Minute Move | Kids Workout 2 | The Body Coach TV - YouTube  
  • Yoga 

We have also found some fun and creative new hobbies that you might like to try! Check out some of these ideas: /docs/Year_5_mindfulness.docx



Additional Needs/Differentiated Learning

For anybody needing slightly differentiated work: 

Maths: /docs/Y5_Maths_Group_Week_2.docx

Spellings: See the abolve grid

Reading: If anyone is finding the reading tasks too difficult, a varirty of slightly simpler texts can be found here:  /docs/

Writing: 'Clicker' is a program used for children when writing if they need some additional support with mainly spellings. We have received the below information from the company, which may help with your children's work at home:

Thank you for your request for free home access to Clicker, which we hope will be of help to you during this difficult period. Your unique Clicker 8 serial number is:




This will give you an initial six weeks of free access for all pupils and staff, but we can extend this for you at a later date if required. Go to for all the information you need to get started, including installation instructions and helpful hints for getting the most out of the software.  I would also recommend that you join our Facebook group, where there will always be someone on hand if you have any Clicker questions or ideas to share